Exclusive Mandate

Whether in France or in most other modern countries, the sale of a property via an agency requires a signed sales mandate. This mandate governs the specifics and conditions of the sale.

In Monaco, where the price per square meter is one of the highest in the world, signing a mandate is not mandatory. It's not common in the Principality to sign an exclusivity contract, and sellers often make the mistake of keeping their properties "off the market" by entrusting them to several agencies. While we understand the reasoning behind this, it doesn't seem to us to be the best way to sell a property.

At Powers Properties, most of our sales are made with exclusive or co-exclusive mandates. These mandates enable us to work efficiently on properties, to control their distribution, to master all their specific features, and to have regular and reliable communication with sellers.

For all these reasons, properties under exclusive mandate sell better than others.

What's more, to optimize the chances of selling quickly and at the best price, we offer a range of services to facilitate the transaction:

  • Reduced sales commission
  • Photos/videos/virtual tour taken by a professional
  • Measurements of the apartment by a certified expert in Monaco
  • Advertising through various channels (website, social networks, magazines)
  • Highlighting of the property in our outdoor showcase
  • Organization of private “open house” event

What's more, we will distribute the property progressively, first off-market to our buyer clients, then by sharing it with competent agencies with whom we have established a relationship of trust.

The exclusive mandate in no way limits the number of potential buyers to whom the property will be exposed. It simply allows controlled distribution, making the property exclusive. Anything that's exclusive becomes more attractive. Exclusive mandates are generally given for a period of one year, but can also be tailored to meet the seller's requirements.

Put your trust in us, and together we'll be able to sell your property under the best possible conditions.