If you own a property that you'd like to let, our management team is here to support you. Our services cover the entire management process, from estimating rent to evaluating prospective tenants and managing property sales. We also take care of all legal and administrative formalities, as well as the constant monitoring and meticulous upkeep of your real estate assets.

In concrete terms, we'll be in charge of :

  • Rent estimates
  • Tenant search - drafting the rental agreement
  • Sending notices of due dates and rent receipts
  • Sending reminders if payment is overdue
  • Drafting and registration of lease
  • Application of annual rent indexation
  • Follow-up of repairs or work in the apartment (request for quotation, payment of invoice, site follow-up)
  • Entry and exit inventories
  • Follow-up of the outgoing tenant's restoration of the apartment
  • Representation at general or extraordinary meetings and payment of charges
  • Follow-up and compliance with AMSF KYC obligations

By entrusting us with the management of your property, you can be sure of benefiting from a high level of expertise and attentive monitoring at every stage. Our commitment is to offer you a comprehensive and professional service, aimed at guaranteeing optimal profitability and continued enhancement of your real estate investment.

You can count on us to take care of your property with the same dedication and rigor as if it were our own.