As a passionate competitor and sports fan, in 2017 Mike Powers launched the "Powers Property Padel Tournament", in order to create a fun and festive atmosphere for clients, investors, and employees to get know each other and enjoy a bit of friendly competition.

The 3rd Annual Powers Property Padel Invitational welcomed 32 players including about 100 guests at Stade du Devens in Beausoleil. The tournament was round-robin style while others watched eating barbecue and enjoying drinks, which included two former top tennis professionals, Thomas Johansson and Ivan Ljubicic. The Powers Properties Padel invitational will be a bi-annual event held every year in the Spring and Fall. We hope to gradually grow the event each year bringing together sport and real estate clients into an enjoyable evening of padel, food and drinks.

The 2017 winners were Jean Marie Mariotti and Laurent Bensadoun.

The 2018 winners were : Jegor Jersov / Eric Brizzi (men), Rachel Thomas / Raluca Sandu (women).


The 2019 winners were : SAS Le Prince Albert II and Thomas Johansson


Ashley Field (finaliste), Kristina Clement (finaliste), Mike Powers, Bertrand Letartre (Domaine de la Rouillère), les vainqueurs SAS Le Prince Albert II de Monaco, et Thomas Johansson (ancien numéro 7 mondial de Tennis).